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Ethan Stone

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Summary of Qualifications

  • M.S. Computer and Engineering Science
  • Over 5 years experience with Object Oriented programming and design techniques
  • Experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle
  • Experience with the following languages: C#, Java, C, Common Lisp, PHP
  • Knowledge of Medical Information Standards: HL7 Messaging, CALINX, ELINCS
  • GUI Design with Windows Forms, Infragistics, Swing
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, XML, J2EE

Employment History

Corman Technologies, Inc.
Corman Clinical Components:
-Developed some of the key pieces of the Corman Clinical Components; Corman Technologies' framework for extended and enhanced ObjectsPlus development for Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager.
-These components are in use at some of the top hospitals around the country.
Project Health Design:
Developed with Sujansky & Assoc. for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California HealthCare Foundation
-Worked with a small team to develop a set of common platform components based on web-services standards (WSDL, XML, and SOAP) including over fifty operations for storing, retrieving, and updating personal health data
ELINCS Edge Tool:
Developed for the California HealthCare Foundation with Sujansky & Assoc.
-Acted as lead developer on the version 1.1, and 1.2 updates of the tool.
-Key member of the development team for version 1.0; led a group of engineers in the production of several major application components, including the development of dynamically generated custom GUI controls, and message assessment rules.
CALINX Lab Import Tool:
Developed for the California HealthCare Foundation with Sujansky & Assoc.
-Acted as lead developer on the version 1.2, and 1.3 updates of the tool, which included the addition of support for multiple versions of the CALINX specification.
-Key member of the development team for version 1.1. Contributed some key application features including message assessment rules, and much of the GUI.
Corman Lisp:
-Contributed several new features to the Corman Lisp 3.0 IDE including the dynamically generated jump-menu of declarations, and the macro expansion context menu items.
-Developed an example program included in the 3.0 release showing the use of Windows GUI components from Corman Lisp.

The following work was performed on a contractual basis with scientists and engineers from the Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Department of Statistics, and ScienceXperts, Inc.

FacsXpert (now CytoGenie):
-Led a team of engineers in the production of a web based set of administrative tools for managing the FacsXpert server. This included several Servlets to manage a complicated tiered permissions model based on a Protege ontology.
-Developed key components of the Knowledgebase Coordinator to continually provide users with the most recent relevant knowledge available to FacsXpert. This included code to sign and ship .jar files, and write personalized JNLP files for deployment with Java Web Start based on user permission level.
-Used J2EE standards to add the capability to save and retrieve ontology files to and from remote locations.
-Implemented customized certificate based client authentication using Java certificate management APIs.
-Ported the application for clustering flow-cytometry data from C++ to Java.
-Enhanced the application by increasing cluster resolution while at the same time improving the overall performance and accuracy of the tool.
-Implemented a command-line tool in Java for modifying FCS files based on parameters passed in an XML file. This project required knowledge of the FCS file specification in order to parse the file, re-write specific segments, and leave others untouched.
-Meet with clients and assist in the creation of a site specification
-Design, implement, and deliver web sites to client's specification.
-Implemented a member's area which included a custom BBS, dynamic calendar of events, and on-the-fly graphics generation all in PHP.
-Clients include: The Listening Center, The Listening Clinic, The Swain Center, Evos Homes, Redwood Caregiver Resource Center, and New Vintage Church.
Sonoma State University
-Designed and maintained web sites for the School of Science and Technology.
Tosk, Inc.
-Successfully tested suspected drug-like compounds for efficacy against metastatic tumors, and neurodegenerative conditions in model systems.
-Collected and documented toxicology and antidote data on currently marketed pharmaceutical products based on the results of testing in model systems.
-Planned, documented, and implemented genetic crossing schemes used to collect gene target data.



Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, California
M.S., Computer and Engineering Science, GPA: 3.80
Graduated: May, 2003

University of California, Santa Cruz, California
B.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, GPA: 3.65
Graduated with Honors in the Major: June, 2000

Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California
A.A., A.S.
Graduated with Honors: May, 1998

Academic Accomplishments

-Coauthored the paper Efficient Mapping of a Periodic Sorting Algorithm to a Coarse-grained Computer with B. Ravikumar, presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Computer Sciences, January 15-18, 2004
-Master's Thesis, Optimizing the Parallel Balanced Sorting Algorithm , Sonoma State University, May, 2003
-Selected to represent Sonoma State University in the graduate division of engineering, Seventeenth Annual CSU Student Research Competition, CSU Stanislaus, May 2-3, 2003
-One of only a few students selected by the program chair to receive Honors in the Major of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, June 2000
-Received the Gertrude and Angelo Franchetti Memorial Life Sciences Scholarship

Personal Accomplishments

-Competed in the XI FINA Masters Swimming World Championships, August, 2006
-Ran the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon, June, 2004
-Starting member of the UCSC Men's Soccer Team, 1998-1999
-Starting member of the SRJC Men's Soccer Team, 1997