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Corman Lisp sets a new standard for dynamic programming languages:

Common Lisp supercharged for Windows platforms.

News flash:

Corman Lisp 3.0 is released.
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New features in the current release:

  • Rewritten math libraries and numeric code--faster and better
  • Improved IDE Functionality: dunamic menus, variable window, etc.
  • Auto-update functionality
  • Compiler improvements
  • IDE improvements (save/restore windows, syntax coloring, and more!)
  • Built-in .NET interaction, via RDNZL (courtesy of Edi Weitz)
  • System dump capability--stacks, threads, registers and heap contents reported
  • See Release Notes for the entire list


PowerLisp 2.02

The widely acclaimed Macintosh Common Lisp implementation is now free for personal use. All source code is included with the release.


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