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Roger Corman

Developing industry-leading software products since 1984
Address: 1060A Fourth St., Santa Rosa, CA 95404
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Professional Accomplishments
  • Developed the clinical decision support system for Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager product. Sunrise Clinical Manager is the industry leading patient care software system for hospitals. Using expert systems technology, expert rules alert physicians to abnormal situations. Roger Corman architected, designed and implemented the clinical decision support system, which allows doctors and other medical experts to encode their medical logic in a language called Arden This clinical decision support system is considered to be the most advanced in the industry, offering real-time feedback and alerting capabilities, and was the first commercial Arden implementation on the market. Bill Gates discusses this system in his book Business @ the Speed of Thought pp. 343-346.
  • Developed HL7 interfaces (message parser, message generator) for Eclipsys products. All incoming and outgoing patient data goes through these interfaces.
  • Developed CALINX Lab Tool for California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) . This tool parses, converts and analyzes lab messages using the CALINX standard (HL7-based).
  • Developed the ELINCS EDGE Tool for California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) . This tool generates and parses ELINCS messages.
Compilers and Development Tools
  • Developed and continue to maintain the Arden compiler in Eclipsys Clinical Decision Support , which continues to lead the industry with new functionality. It currently implements the Arden 2.5 (current) HL7 spec.
  • Corman Lisp , a Common Lisp compiler and development environment for Win32, which outperforms the competition on a variety of benchmarks. Corman Lisp, the only Common Lisp compiler fully supporting multi-threading on Windows platforms, has achieved a serious following of developers actively working to use and enhance the product. Corman Lisp includes state-of-the-art garbage collecting, full Win32 and COM support, and can parse and import C header files.
  • PowerLisp: Common Lisp for Mac OS . This was the first PowerPC native Common Lisp compiler for the Mac OS. Includes full source code.
  • Compilers and interpreters for Postscript, Arden Syntax.
  • Assemblers and code generators for Intel, PowerPC and 680x0 processors.
Web Architect
  • Chief architect of , the number one online health insurance seller. This system, built using J2EE, comprises thousands of JSPs, servlets, Oracle, Weblogic, Apache and Solaris servers. It operates 24/7 and continually receives top ratings from Keynote for performance and availability.
  • Architect of ImagePump image viewing software for rendering high-resolution and multi-resolution images on the web.
  • Developed dozens of products incorporating 2-D image processing, image retouch, page layout, animation, color transformations and 2-D rendering. Products included Time Arts Lumena, Trapper, Island Paint and NPS ImageExpress.

Technical Expertise

  • Medical informatics topics, including alerting, clinical outcomes, guidelines, medical dictionaries
  • Medical standards including HL7 Messaging, Arden, CDS, CALINX and ELINCS standards
  • SQL and database architecture
  • Twenty years of experience with object-oriented programming and design techniques
  • Decision support, expert systems, rule-driven systems
  • Compilers, code generation and optimization techniques for a variety of platforms. Specific in-depth experience with dynamic language implementation, dynamic linking.
  • Microsoft .NET platform, including reflection, threading and data access
  • PDF files, including parsing, modification and generation
  • Java server-side applications, using J2EE standards
  • Cutting-edge experience with BEA Weblogic application servers
  • In-depth experience with multiple languages, including three years or longer using each of the following:
    • C#
    • Java
    • C++
    • Common Lisp
    • C
    • PostScript
    • Assembler (Intel, PowerPC, 680x0)
  • Fluent with Internet technologies including HTTP, HTML, XML, J2EE, sockets, etc.
  • Experienced ("Below the hood") Win32 programmer, including threads, virtual memory and exception handling.
  • Garbage collection. Have written and delivered several, including one of the fastest in the industry (with Corman Lisp).
  • Client/server and multi-tier architecture experience, using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase SQL Server.
  • 2-D graphics, including font rendering, rasterization, animation, color gamuts, video and anti-aliasing.

Employment History

Corman Technologies Inc.
January, 1990 - present
Maintain and enhance Corman Lisp, incorporating work contributed by computer scientists throughout the world.

Serve as technical consultant for a variety of clients, including Eclipsys, California HealthCare Foundation, Stanford Medical School, and ScienceXperts.

eHealth Inc.
May, 2000 to January, 2002
As Chief Architect, led the architecture team developing a large e-commerce site running using J2EE platform on BEA Weblogic.
August, 1999 to May, 2000
Developed ImagePump dynamic HTML viewers and servlets to enable e-commerce sites to use the ImagePump image server.
Eclipsys Corporation (formerly HealthVISION)
April, 1995 to August, 1999
Served as Senior Technical Staff, as well as member of the architecture team and lead developer of Clinical Decision Support for Sunrise Clinical Manager (formerly CareVISION).
Image Software
March, 1994 to April, 1995
Developed photo enhancement products for Mac OS and Windows for Kodak and other clients
Island Graphics
September, 1986 to March, 1994
Served in various positions as Engineering Manager, Project Lead, Level V Senior Software Engineer. Co-founded Island Graphics Santa Rosa office. Developed a variety of products for print, publishing and consumer markets.
NPS (Networked Picture Systems)
September, 1985 - August 1986
Developed, with three others, the ImageExpress paint and retouch system.
Time Arts Inc.
December, 1983 - July 1985
Key member of the Lumena development team, which included a professional quality paint system running on MS-DOS. Developed Time Arts Animation software and Special Effects software packages. Served as Director of Research and Development 1984-1985.


Education Bachelor of Science, Sonoma State University, Computer Science, 1983. Completed all requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Music simultaneously.
Other Professional Activities
  • Board member of ALU (Association of Lisp Users)
  • Active member of the Arden Syntax Working Group (HL7)
  • Active member of the CDS Technical Committee (HL7)
  • Former member of ANSI C++ committee X3J16 (1992-1994)
Arts Accomplished jazz pianist, performing regularly. Performed with Joe Pass, Bob Berg, John Faddis, Ernie Watts, Louie Bellson, Bobby Shew, Lew Tabackin, Richie Cole and many others.